ELT Automation Framework

ELT Boxes

Features and benefits

  • An agile Extract, Load & Transform tool to simplify data engineering challenges.
  • Provides an agnostic Data Warehouse design methodology, allowing you to build any type DWH Model.
  • Rapid implementation for persistent data stores, Dimensional Models and 3NF Databases
  • Rapid configuration and mapping of data transforms.
  • Analysts define the mapping and transformation rules and the transform code is generated for each process – little coding required.
  • All mapping logic is externalised in database tables for easy viewing.
  • Rapid refactoring when source data table definitions change.
  • Full operational and status reporting, Scheduling and Transform checksums.
  • Full error reporting and diagnostics.
  • ELT jobs are insulated from changes to source database schema‚Äôs (when sourced from SQL Server database) so impact analysis can be performed against the changed table to determine if the new column is required for mapping.
  • Performs Change Data Capture and Slowly Changing Transforms
  • Externalising and Mastering of complex business rules which can Integrate with MDS workflow.
  • Supplies full data lineage for end user reporting.
  • Full taxonomy of all the source and destination objects for operational reporting and management.
  • Developed using standard Microsoft SQL Server technologies. No third party Add-Ins or Software.