What if you could interrogate your data ten times faster than you do now? Imagine performing advanced analytics and reporting in a fraction of the time - without the need to bug IT to get it. Well imagine no more. Contact us to find out how

As systems integration consultants, working in the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence space, we have selected best of breed solutions for whatever your organisation size.
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At GNOSYS Technology, we are not here just to sell you software. Our highly experienced consultants will work with you to ensure that you reap a quick return on investment and the fastest “time to action” possible.
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GNOSYS Technology has partnered with vendors which offer best of breed products to assist your organisation in making the most of your valuable data assets. Our highly skilled consultants can help you implement these solutions to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your investment.
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Welcome to our website

GNOSYS Technology Pty Ltd delivers clever, effective and thoughtful Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions to help a broad field of Australian businesses to adapt in the new BizTech economy. GNOSYS Technology can manage the corporate Big Data (as well as small data) to ensure your data is well defined, has consistent business rules, can be easily traced and reconciled to create competitive advantage in the new information revolution.

Our business philosophy is to advise clients and implement customised solutions utilising advanced technologies to deliver innovation at the lowest cost possible whilst providing the maximum performance and flexibility in functionality offered by working with best in class database and software suppliers.

How we can help you

GNOSYS Technology Pty Ltd works with businesses of all sizes in the Australasian region building Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions. These solutions are designed to provide decision support systems to maximise efficiencies and improve business performance for our clients.
Benefits of using GNOSYS Technology to deliver your analytical needs:

  • Successful people often want to get on with whatever it is that makes them successful. Save time, effort, people and money by allowing GNOSYS Technology to develop and/or host your analytical solutions for you. And you can get on with what you do best.
  • Have confidence that the right job will be done on time and on budget – GNOSYS Technology has highly skilled and industry-experienced technical people working in-house who will scope, deliver, support and maintain your solution.
  • Flexibility in where your solution resides – Your solution can reside with you, or be hosted with us in your private Cloud. GNOSYS Technology can assist small and mid-sized businesses with IT solutions and build data oriented applications customised for your unique requirements.
  • Robust & Reliable Outcomes – From a business owner’s perspective, IT should just work. So, GNOSYS Technology solutions are designed to run day in and day out for our clients with a minimum of fuss, giving repeatable, believable business information.
  • GNOSYS Technology can help manage your critical data. GNOSYS Technology have partnered with Tier 1 hosting providers to assist you with managing your data.
  • Pay-As-You-Go approach means your commitment is phased around the benefits you receive – with a low capital outlay.
  • You’re Special, but not that special – GNOSYS Technology has on hand a wide array of technologies to cater for your particular information challenges, such as handling Big Data, resolving slow reporting performance, distributed report consumers.
  • Own and reuse an Information Asset – Your intellectual property – the Rules & Know-how that drive your business and makes it unique – can be pinned down, used and reused with GNOSYS Technology solutions.
  • You can eat an Elephant – GNOSYS Technology will break down your large and complex business reporting problems to deliver minimum viable products – into functioning chunks that combine over time to deliver the complex solution for your business needs.
  • Open communication and no surprises, GNOSYS Technology communicates openly with you, so you won’t be left in the dark as to your solution’s progress. You will feel assured of success.